Resolve Therapeutics Research Pipeline

Resolve development pipeline


Study 132-03

Resolve's lead molecule is RSLV-132, a fully human RNase-Fc fusion protein. The compound has successfully completed a single dose safety study in 32 healthy volunteers and a multi-dose safety study in 32 patients with SLE. We are currently conducting a phase 2 SLE study with 50 patients at clinical centers throughout the United States. The study is focusing on patients with active skin disease and elevated RNA autoantibodies.

Study 132-04

A study in Sjogren's syndrome will begin in the second quarter of 2016. This study will be conducted at 2-3 clinical centers in the European Union enrolling approximately 28 subjects with primary Sjogren's syndrome. The study will focus on patients who have elevated levels of Ro autoantibodies and have an interferon signature.

Bi-Specific Nuclease Platform

This class of molecules have both RNase and DNase enzymatic activity. The molecules are full human Fc fusion proteins consisting of both RNase and DNase. The lead molecule in this class is RSLV-133 which is currently in the pre-clinical stage of development. This molecule will be tested in lupus nephritis where the both RNA and DNA-containing immune complexes contribute to kidney damage.