Resolve Therapeutics Company Overview
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Focused on autoimmune diseases

Resolve is singularly focused on improving the lives of patients with severe autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and Sjögren’s syndrome. With an estimated five million people worldwide, 90% of them women, suffering from Lupus and Sjögren’s syndrome the need for new therapies is urgent.

While little progress has been made over the past 40 years in developing effective treatments for Lupus or Sjögren’s syndrome, significant scientific advances over the past few years have shed light on the molecular basis for these diseases. Resolve has leveraged these scientific advances to develop new, highly targeted, safer therapies for these diseases. We are at the forefront of pioneering a completely new approach to treating Lupus and Sjögren’s syndrome.

The hallmark of both Lupus and Sjögren’s syndrome is the presence of antibodies that recognize the patients’ own body. Many of the proteins that bind to these autoantibodies contain RNA, which we now know is one of the primary drivers of inflammation in both Lupus and Sjögren’s syndrome. Resolve’s lead molecule, RSLV-132 now in phase 2 clinical testing, digests the RNA bound to the autoantibodies thereby decreasing the inflammation which drives many of the manifestations of Lupus and Sjögren’s syndrome. Promising results from early clinical studies provide cause for optimism that this approach will help alleviate the inflammation associated with both lupus and Sjögren’s syndrome.

“Current therapy for Lupus remains dependent on steroids and strong immuno­suppressants. We need targeted therapies, directed at the root cause of inflammation, that are tolerable, effective, minimize immuno­suppression and spare the need for steroid therapy.”

Yvonne R.S. Sherrer MD
Centre for Rheumatology, Immunology and Arthritis