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Resolve Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing new therapies for the treatment of diseases such as lupus and Sjögren’s syndrome.

What is Lupus?

Lupus and Sjögren’s syndrome are autoimmune diseases that arise when the patients’ immune system attacks their own body.

Lupus Symptoms

In patients with lupus, the affected organs often involve the skin, joints, kidneys, and blood vessels and can cause lupus rash, arthritis, kidney damage, or inflammation of the blood vessels. In Sjögren’s the immune system damages the salivary glands and lacrimal glands that produce saliva and tears, leading to dry eyes or dry mouth.

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Clinical Trials

Current Treatments for Lupus

Resolve is developing a drug called RSLV-132 to treat both of these diseases and is currently conducting clinical research studies in patients with both diseases. The approach that Resolve has taken relies on fundamental research that has identified specific molecules that may be inappropriately triggering the immune system and causing the chronic inflammation seen in these diseases. By removing just these inflammatory molecules without shutting down the immune system we hope to decrease inflammation associated with lupus and Sjögren’s while not blocking the entire immune system. Learn more.

To learn more about the clinical trial, call 888-391-7570

If you live close to one of these 12 leading rheumatology clinical study sites and would like to learn more about the clinical trial, please call the toll-free number above and a Resolve Therapeutics rep­re­sen­tative will be happy to speak with you to answer questions and provide more information.